Founder Of Vruksha Associates

Working in the field of Natural medicine for over 28+ years, Vaithiyar Ananthanainar is the founder and proprietor of Vruksha Associates. With the aim of bringing the science of Naturopathy, Yoga, Siddha and Ayurveda to the masses, he presently heads a number of treatment centres in and around Chennai city, where he works as a consultant and conducts lectures on the topics. Vaithiyar Ananthanainar has also been featured in numerous TV shows that shed light on natural medicines and effective but unpopular Indian Traditional therapeutic practices such as mudra therapy.

Virusha Associates Trust
  • To Create a awarness to the sociaty about Green Energy Projects.
  • To Create a awarness to the sociaty about the Physically and Multiple Challenged, Selfhelp groups.
  • To Create a awarness to promote exports awarness programs with the supports of FIFO, GECE, and other council.
  • To Create a awarness tree plantation for one tree per home and moral science in the educational institutions.
  • To Create the important of playing activities students. and provide awards to the best students, best human being who are working for the society
  • To Create a awarness about Cancer, Prevension, Pallivative Care Centre and Reseach Centre about Cancer By Indian Traditional Medicinal System